Seven Things to Look For When Choosing a Health Spa

We all need a little pampering. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a spa.

Get recommendations. People you know can give you tips on where the best spas are-and which ones to avoid.

Home Spas an Introducton

Check the costs. The cost for spa treatments varies widely depending on the spa. A simple manicure or facial can cost under £50 at one place, or hundreds at another.

Health or beauty? While the menu of treatments offered at health and beauty spas often overlaps, the focus at each is different. If you have a specific ailment, a health spa may be what you’re looking for. If you just want to relax, you may want to choose a beauty spa.

Ask about ingredients. If you have any allergies that might be a cause for concern, ask about the ingredients in the spa’s products-or tell them about your allergies beforehand.

Do they have a qualified staff? The staff at your spa should be fully licensed according to the laws in your state to practice. Check with the spa to see the resumes and qualifications of its staff.

It’s all about ambience. Take note of the decoration when you walk into a spa. It should make you feel like you’re in for something special the moment you walk through the door.

Look into treatments. Some spas have different treatments and specialties than others. Check out the menu of services or talk to the spa staff about the treatments offered, and make sure this spa has what you’re looking for.

It shouldn’t be hard to choose a spa. Ask for recommendations, do some research into the spas in your area, and don’t be afraid to ask questions before deciding.

The History of Health and Beauty Spas

There is no denying the immense popularity that spas enjoy in Britain. This is reflected by the fact that the last few years have seen a sporadic rise in the number of spas across the major metropolitan areas of England, and each one of them is frequented by a throng of customers on a daily basis. There was a time when going to spas for different kinds of therapies was thought to be an activity that only women could enjoy. The recent times, however, present a different picture with a greater number of men now showing an inclination towards frequenting spas in order to maintain their looks and wellness at the same time.

How Health And Beauty Spas Came To Be In Britain:

The origin: The history of health and beauty spas in Britain dates back thousands of years ago, and can very well be accredited to the Roman army that discovered health benefits associated with the water flowing in hot springs and fresh mountain water. Inspired by the hot baths built by Arabs, the Roman utilized the naturally occurring therapeutic water from hot springs in the English cities of Bath and Buxton, and built hot water baths. The purpose of these baths was not only to promote healing of different ailments but also to encourage relaxation and social interaction.

The medieval history of health and beauty spas in Britain: In the year 1626, a lady named Mrs. Elizabeth Farrow came across water with acidic properties in Scarborough, a coastal town in England. After being put through observation, it was declared that the water contained minerals and nutrients that were essential to maintain good health, thus becoming the origin of Scarborough Spa.

The revival of bathing in Britain and rest of Europe: The 1600s saw the European elite become less inclined toward washing their full bodies, regarding it as a habit to look down upon. They would only get by with washing their laundry and cleaning their faces with cloth. The attitudes began to change in latter half of the 17th century. At the beginning of 18th century, British Queen Anne broke this tradition by following in the footsteps of Roman civilization and bathing in the hot springs of Bath.

This was shortly followed by a visit to Bath by Richard (Beau) Nash, who capitalized on the opportunity and converted Bath into a social and community spa with a number of activities introduced that encouraged greater social interaction. This was inspired by the Roman concept of baths. Bath became an oft-visited place for the wealthy, who would come to show-off their wealth and take a vacation at the same time. The pattern was soon followed by other European cities.

Recognition of health benefits: In the mid-19th century, a cholera outbreak in Liverpool made doctors realize the importance of sanitation, thus resulting in the promulgation of the Bath And Washhouses Act (1846-1896). Amenities for washing clothes and bathing were made more accessible.

Rising Popularity of Health and Spa

In the last few years, the world has seen a stable growth in the popularity of health retreat and spa. One of the foremost reasons for the rising popularity of these retreats is a shift in the lifestyles of working professionals. The increasing pressure of work is also one of the other reasons why people prefer these retreats.

It is found that people have maddening work schedules and many of them often suffer from high stress levels. With the passage of time, people with hectic schedules have understood the importance of striking the right balance between work and pleasure. It is important that people have their mind, body and spirit at the right level.

It is not a difficult task to achieve this right balance. One can surely strike balance and also attain peace of mind when they spend some time in the spa retreat. These spas are designed in a manner that people are able to relax in the lap of nature. These retreats are also popularly known as health resorts. These health resorts make it a point that you undergo unique intensive treatment therapy to help you relax your senses. The treatment makes use of natural therapy coupled with grand services.

The spa health care provides a variety of services and therapies so that the mind and body can relax. There are many tempting offers also available that provide the perfect mix of services and treatments. At the end of the day, you should achieve the desired goal and feel satisfied with the services.

If you are not sure what services these retreat holidays offer, then you can make a personal list of things you want. Here, we have mentioned few examples and they are listed below-

– Herbal massages and treatment.
– Promoting organic food.
– Friendly atmosphere and cooperative staff.
– Extremely comfortable and grand accommodations.
– Beautiful location of these spas.
– Rejuvenate mind and body.
– Relax your senses.
– Contentment to your soul.

If you have a list similar to the one which is mentioned above, then you are most probably looking for such a spa holiday that will be authentic in its approach and also conventional. Therefore, it is important that the location of your spa vacation is decided cautiously.

When you book any retreat centre, ensure that you first gain proper insight about the services and the therapies offered. For this purpose, if you seek personal help, it is not a bad idea. You can also take advice from people who have already visited such a place, as they will be in a better position to guide you. They will tell you if your expectations can be met or what you should look for in these spa holidays.

Earlier, spa resorts were mainly ones that had ‘baths’. It consisted of whirlpool baths and water springs. These places made use of special devices to aerate water so that people enjoy relaxing baths. But with changing times, the concept has changed and it has become more of a rejuvenating place.

Rejuvenation Experience At Different

Though the origin of the word spa lies in the name of a Belgian town by the same name, today it has become synonymous with “health through water”, or hydrotherapy, which involves using hot/cold water in combination with some aromatic essential oils (called bath oils) and bath salts to provide relief from a whole range of health problems like arthritis, spondylitis, musculoskeletal disorders, depression, etc. Healthy people go for spa treatments to rejuvenate, relax and elevate their mood and spirit and come out feeling healthier.

The growing awareness of the need to relax and stay healthy among the urban population has led to the mushrooming of a variety of spas in large cities, where everyone is keen to have a spa experience. For example, if you want the most complete spa experience, then destination spa is the place for you. Here you need to stay over for 3-7 days depending upon the special theme treatments you have opted for; the package cost involves accommodation, meals, etc., too.

Then there are resort spas, hotel spas, club spas and cruise spas, which provide spa facilities and spa experience to their guests along with the normal services they are engaged in. In a medical spa, licensed doctors and therapists give the treatments.

A beauty spa, also called a day spa, is the most popular choice among busy people in big cosmopolitan cities, because here you can get a compact package of spa experience in a few hours time during your weekends. Generally, beauty spas also offer a complete range of beauty treatments like facials, massages, waxing and exfoliation treatments, etc., in addition to rejuvenation and relaxation treatments like body wraps, mud baths, etc.

A health spa offers a different kind of experience altogether. The treatments offered in a health spa are custom-designed scientifically by naturopaths to deal with specific illnesses, paying attention to nutritional aspects too. Common illnesses for which health spa treatments have been found to be effective are psychosomatic disorders like asthma, arthritis, insomnia, sinusitis, diabetes, depression, etc.

Then there are massage spas, which also provide a massage service, in addition to their beauty spa or health spa services. In a massage spa, you can avail of massage therapy and then soak yourself in the health spa’s waters for a rejuvenating feel.

However, all spa treatments are usually expensive, and therefore, restricted to those in the high-income bracket. The cost factor has prevented spas from being enjoyed by the masses. Also factors such as time, privacy and hygiene bother many people. That is where a home spa comes to your rescue. With a home spa installed in your house, you can anytime get a spa experience in the privacy of your home.

The Best Spas in Australia

Simply Lush recently completed a random survey among frequent travellers and health spa patrons regarding the best spas in all of Australia, per state. The following are the front-runners:

1. Spa Chakra (Queensland) Spa Chakra, located within the Hayman Island Resort in Queensland, is widely regarded as the best spa in Australia by its many patrons. Its recent awards seem to support this contention. The authoritative Conde Nast Traveller magazine bestowed on Spa Chakra its prestigious “Best Hotel Spa, Australia and South Pacific” award in 2006. The Hayman Island Resort which houses Spa Chakra has gained its share of awards as well, including a selection as one of the “500 Best Hotels in the World” by Travel + Leisure magazine in 2004 and 2005 and inclusion among the “Top Pacific Resorts-Reader’s Choice Awards” by Conde Nast Traveller in 2004.

Spa Chakra offers pampering services and wellness-oriented treatments and counselling. The pampering treatments include 90-minute specialty facials using the Guerlain Methode, a stress-relieving Hayman Hot Rock body treatment and special sessions at Spa Chakra’s hydrotherapy tubs which are equipped with 144 heated air jets and 20 individually controlled hydro-jets each.

2. Spa Chakra, Sydney (NSW) The Spa Chakra in Sydney is located within the BLUE hotel, a member of the Taj hotel chain. Like the Spa Chakra in Queensland, the Sydney Spa Chakra offers customized spa and wellness services. The two-story facility houses eleven treatment rooms as well as two wet rooms. Its relaxation lounge overlooks Sydney Harbour and the Royal Botanical Gardens, a view which further enhances the experience of quiet reflection and rejuvenation. A floor-to-ceiling water wall also adds to the atmosphere.

There is complimentary valet parking at the spa entrance for every guest as well as a private suite and a foot-bath lounge. The spa treatment begins with a Self Assessment Questionnaire about your lifestyle that will help determine how the spa can best serve your needs. They offer the same wellness treatments as the Spa Chakra in Queensland.

3. Aurora Spa Retreat, Melbourne (Victoria) The Aurora Spa Retreat is billed as the largest and most comprehensive urban spa retreat in Australia. Frequent visitors also consider it to be the most calming and ideal for rest and rejuvenation. The spa has individual thermal water therapies, soothing skin care and body care treatments as well as wellness retreats for a full-day, a weekend or an entire week.

The Aurora Spa Retreat is located at the rooftop of the award-winning Prince hotel in the heart of St. Kilda, Melbourne’s premier tourist area The view of the picturesque Port Phillip Bay is spectacular. It’s also a short walk from there to Melbourne’s finest entertainment and dining venues. Aside from the spa, the hotel also offers airport shuttle, baby-sitting, currency exchange, dry-cleaning and laundry services as well as several restaurants, a nightclub, fitness center, jogging track, medical service and swimming pool. They also have access and facilities for the disabled.

4. Face 2000 Skin and Body Health Day Spa, Brisbane (QLD) Face 2000 Skin & Beauty Health Day Spa is located at the western suburbs of Brisbane. It offers traditional treatments such as the Thai Massage, Kahuna Water Massage, Kahuna Hot Stone Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and others. The women who have responded to the survey raved about the spa’s Bridal Package which covers three hours of sheer indulgence in body and facial treatments, including a relaxing massage, a facial for healthy glowing skin and a pedicure for beautiful feet. They also offer special for couples, company get-togethers and a group of friends.

Keep Yourself Healthy and Beautiful

The use of broadband and with the world wide web, there is nothing you cannot buy or do on the internet, everything is now at your fingertips and this includes the huge health & beauty market that has now grown so big and has become hugely popular. Once upon a time you were only able to enjoy beauty treatments at your local salon or spa, whereas now with the online shopping store these treatments are only a click away. Never before have you been able to browse and look for the best treatments and products and be able to purchase them without leaving your home, they can be delivered to you with some companies wavering a delivery charge, this can only mean good news for today busy ladies, because most ladies now have a career or family to keep them busy. They no longer have the time or inclination to wander down to their local salon or spend a weekend at a local spar for all their pampering needs, now they can purchase them and have them in their own home which will save them so much time and so much money.

We must not forget the health & beauty needs of men because today modern men are now taking so much more interest in their own health & beauty regimes, it is widely publicized now that there are so many products on the market for men, there are beauty creams, hair products for the care of their hair and even hair dyes especially for men. It is now widely accepted that men have become more conscious of their looks, and you only have to look at any magazine today to see they are all promoting one celebrity or another for choosing a health product or beauty product or even a beauty treatment. Men are taking more care of their skin, they realize that taking good care of their skin will help them stay looking young, therefore when you visit an online shopping store you will be amazed at the huge range of products and treatments just for men.

Other products you will always find in an online shopping store is a massive amount of health care products, this is because living in today world with the frantic lifestyles that so many people live, now more than ever people are realizing they need to take care of their bodies, to stay healthy and maintain their health by making sure they take the right amount of vitamins, that they eat the best health foods and drink the healthiest drinks, and now it could not be any more simple than to take a look on the internet and purchase everything you need to keep your body healthy. There are no excuses, these purchases can be made within minutes and yet the benefits of eating and drinking healthier can last a lifetime which can only be good news, so the best advice would be to have a look on the internet and see what products could be beneficial to you.

Home Spas An Introduction

A spa generally refers to a commercial establishment (whether it is a health spa, beauty spa or massage spa) that is visited by guests seeking rejuvenation and relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. The essence of spa rejuvenation and relaxation therapies lies in the use of hydrotherapy combined with special bath oils and bath salts.

A home spa, therefore, refers to such a set-up that facilitates spa experience in the privacy of one’s home. A home spa or, in fact, any hot tub with jets of water emerging from different sides, is also commonly known by the name Jacuzzi, after the brand name and family name of one of the earliest manufactures of home spa systems.

The origin of the concept of a home spa, which has been enjoying tremendous worldwide popularity, actually lies in the humble bathroom shower. A home spa in its simplest form is nothing but a large-sized bathtub (also called hot tub) with innovative features such as hydro-jets, air jets and steam jets added to it. Anyone having a decent bath tub can have an excellent spa experience at home by adding such home spa facilities and equipping oneself with some essential bath oils, bath salts and floral scents.

The discovery of the health benefits of home spa therapies with herbal bath oils and bath salts has led to a tremendous growth in the home spa industry, with the result that home spa manufacturers have come up with many innovative home spa systems that are quite affordable, more portable and much easier to install than the earlier home spa equipment.

Basically, a home spa system consists of an acrylic shell, surrounded by a wooden or synthetic material cabinet. A home spa can come in different versions depending upon the location of its installation: for example, above-ground home spa, in-ground home spa, indoor home spa and outdoor home spa (for example, on the patio or the deck). An aboveground home spa that comes in a pre-assembled form is also called a portable home spa.

In addition to the customary jets, a home spa will have in it molded seats, in the form of a bench, chairs or loungers, custom-made to a buyer’s specification. A home spa is similar to a swimming pool in the sense that the water stays in it even when not in use, making it necessary to install a filtering system and add chemicals like chlorine to it in order to maintain hygiene.

A special type of home spa that can be installed inside your bathroom in place of the regular bathtub is called the whirlpool bath. In this the water is drained out after every use and so there is no need of a filtering system or chemicals.

Some Benefits of Health and Spa

Good health and well being is one of the most important things in life. People generally spend thousands of dollars in order to get cured or to obtain drugs that are supposed to help. These methods do much more damage than good. But with the popularity of spas, many of these muscular problems and stress disorders have been curbed to some percentage. And there are thankfully, many good health oriented spas that keep their tabs on to your health and spa. Apart from giving massages and employing beauty treatments, they also are now focusing on a rigid health regimen to maintain health. Among many such spas, Day Spa Yarra Valley have few straightforward rules of health which can do wonders for people:

Rest- To build your strength and allow body to heal itself. Everyone needs sufficient amount of rest, generally in the form of a great night’s sleep. Strive to get at least eight hours of sleep.

Fresh Air- The smog in many cities today is a serious health risk, and fresh air is a welcome relief. It cleans lungs of dust and then relieves breathing. Fresh air also helps with absorption of oxygen which leads to increased energy.

Nutrition- Eat as much nourishing food as possible, such as fruits & vegetables. Try to keep away from artificial sweets, processed foods and the like. Processed or tinned food often has high quantities of sugar, salt and additives which are best avoided.

Sunshine- Sunlight is the chief source of vitamin D which keeps the bones strong and in good physical shape. Ultraviolet rays are antibacterial; meaning they kill bacteria, mites, viruses & mould.

Water- It is advisable to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day in order to keep the body in a healthy condition & ready to fight infection. Water molecules make up over 50 percent of the human body for most adults, so this needs to be refilled.

Exercise- Lastly, exercise is the major ingredient to a healthy and a fit body. It lowers blood pressure, strengthens muscles and stamina, increases breathing capacity, and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Temperance- Eating too much of anything is never a good thing, and your body functions much better if it’s not overfull. Temperance also means eating less salt, sugars and fat.

Occasionally, the world of healthy living can be puzzling or hard to get started with- that is where spa retreats come into the equation. Health and spa retreats provide the best possible healthy food and nutrition. There is abundance of fresh air and sunshine around the health retreats in the country as well.

Treat Yourself to a Day at a Health Spa

With the stresses and strains of daily life it is important to take some time out to relax and treat you, and what could be the perfect way to ultimate relaxation other than a day at the spa.

When you think of a health spa, you automatically picture a mansion type house in the middle of nowhere that is expensive to get to and expensive to stay, but contrary to popular belief having a spa day at your local fitness club can be relatively inexpensive.

Now more local health and fitness clubs are opening spas as an extension of their facilities so treating you/ friends or family is now much cheaper and far less hassle than before.

So what can you expect from a day at the spa?

Usually upon arrival you are given a tour of the facilities, and then shown to a locker/ changing area where you will be given a complimentary robe and towel. The idea of this is that you can laze about all day in just a robe, making the whole experience completely relaxing.

Included in your spa day if using a health and fitness club is full use of the facilities from then gym to the swimming pool, as well as specialist areas such as the steam room, Jacuzzis and saunas. Most, if not all health spas have these facilities on offer and are included in the price.

A spa day is really open to all and there are packages to suit everyone. If you are looking for a detox day then there are treatments that you can add to your spa day specifically designed to help with a detox program. Or if you are pregnant or have just had a baby there are pre and post natal spa days designed to cater for everything from maternity massages to facials.

Even men can tailor make their own spa day by including treatments that are dedicated into helping with male health and well-being.

So you are at the spa for the day with your best girlfriend and you decide to indulge in a treatment, but what is on offer in most health spas?

One of the most common treatments available in most spas is massages and facials. Working with essential oils and creams, there is nothing more invigorating and relaxing than a massage. There are so many different types of massages available from head to toe, that finding one suitable should be really easy.

There are also many traditional treatments available such as waxing and electrolysis, and some now even offer more advanced hair removal techniques such as laser hair removal.

If you are at the spa because of a special occasion or in preparation for something such as a wedding, there is also the opportunity to have your make-up done and even a new haircut. Most health and beauty spas now have a hair and beauty salon as standard. So you could have a complete head to toe make-over all under one roof.

The list of possible treatments and therapies are endless, with some spas offering alternative therapy like reflexology to help with a range of medical complaints.

Whatever your reason’s for needing to relax and unwind, or even if it’s just because you deserve a treat, a day at the spa could be just the ticket and if you look there is bound to be one just around the corner and you didn’t even know.

The History Of Health And Beauty

It quite common for people today to frequent spas and benefit from the health and beauty treatments provided there. As regular as their trips to the spa facilities are, however, there are very few people who know the actual origin of spas and how they came to become so popular among people. The history of health and beauty spas dates back to time immemorial, since historians believe that the concept of spas was established the day mankind discovered the utility and advantages of taking a bath. In fact, there is also a popular notion that spas reflect the innate human need to wash and cleanse themselves, to maintain both sanitation as well as beauty.

Where Does The Word ‘Spa’ Originate From?

There are different theories explaining the background of the word spa. Some experts of history link it to the Latin expression ‘salus per aquae’, of which the word spa is considered to be the acronym for. The expression literally translates to ‘health through water’, which goes on to show that even in the historic times, the idea of spas was closely associated with health and wellness.

On the other hand, another school of thought suggests that the word spa originated from a Belgian town by the same name. The town is historically believed to have been visited frequently by the Roman Army to bathe in the hot springs in order to relieve muscle pain and war injuries. This theory is supported by the fact that other places in Europe, known for their baths and springs, are named so as well. Consider the name of the English City Bath, which is quite similar to the German Wiesbaden and the Austrian Baden.

The History Of Health And Beauty Spas – A Brief Overview:

The Prehistoric Times: The relaxation and therapy we receive in a modern day spa are pretty much inspired by the treatment options developed during the Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Roman empires, all dating back to more than 2,500 years. Not only did these cultures promote the concept of taking a dip in hot springs and natural waters containing minerals, they also introduced the practice of using different types of concoctions and naturally occurring substances as beneficial for maintaining beauty. The use of different types of plants, mud masks and baths, face scrubs and steam have been documented in the historical data found about these civilizations, while the use of spring water originating from mountainous regions was also common.

Cleopatra is said to bathe in rosewater regularly in order to maintain her beauty and skin, while the Roman army is accredited with building and popularizing the concept of baths.

More Recent Developments: The Roman concept of spas and baths was revived around the mid nineteenth century when rich tourists from Europe and other parts of the world would travel to natural spas in order to enjoy some recreational and relaxed time. Gradually, spas gained popularity across the transatlantic with American settlers introducing the concept in 20th century United States as well.